Steering Committee Roster

By June 18, 2018 Uncategorized

Each corridor’s planning process is being led by a 12-member Steering Committee made up of stakeholders and community representatives. These groups will help guide the public process and craft the plan’s recommendations.

Atlanta Hwy. Steering Committee

Jerry Nesmith
Mike Hamby
Lucy Rowland
Oonagh Benson
Brian Waldner
Leslie Lawson
Carla Braswell
Marissa Chastain
Dusty Gunn
Pam Spahr
Margaret Lightfoot
John Aitkens
Jim Scanlon

Lexington Rd. Steering Committee

Sharyn Dickerson
Mariah Parker
Andy Herod
Maxine Easom
Hank Joiner
Ryan Worsley
Carl Nichols
David Spooner
Diane Napier
Michael Myers
Christine Thornton
Mike Tuggle
Robert Miles