Lexington Road Corridor Plan

Review the findings and recommendations

The planning team has finalized priorities and actions for the Lexington Road corridor. Please take a moment to review the draft findings and recommendations as they pertain to mobility and strategic opportunities. Let us know your reactions and pay special attention to voting for short term work projects so we know what you’d like to prioritize.




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Corridor Improvement Map

Strategic Opportunities




Until recently, the only tangible threat to brick and mortar retail was the decline of the supporting market that surrounds it. The arrival of online shopping and fulfillment retail, however, has fundamentally changed the way Americans consume.  Lexington Road has millions of square feet of leasable retail area that could be susceptible to growing shifts in the economy. To ensure these areas remain vibrant and viable through this disruption, it will be critical to consider new uses and redevelopment as an option.

Preserving opportunities for Ben Epps is about ensuring development patterns do not interrupt the ability to leverage its potential. To preserve the asset for future uses, investment, and growth—the community must take deliberate actions in the short and long-term. Several important steps should be considered such as, carefully considering land uses around the airport, particularly residential, and creating a more direct access point to the airport from Lexington.

Unlike some other commercial thoroughfares in Athens, the Lexington corridor can count several major park assets along its four-mile extent. Prime among these, the Southeast Clarke Park has become a regional, even national draw, with its collection of amenities. Despite the assets, the corridor remains relatively disconnected from the community trail network and its sidewalk infrastructure is discontinuous. Additionally, as a commercial corridor, there is an opportunity to improve the aesthetics and the quality of places by increasing the canopy cover and landscaping.

Short Term Work Projects

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LEX Open House Priorities