Atlanta Highway Corridor Plan

Review the findings and recommendations

The planning team has finalized priorities and actions for the Atlanta Highway corridor. Please take a moment to review the draft findings and recommendations as they pertain to mobility and strategic opportunities. Let us know your reactions and pay special attention to voting for short term work projects so we know what you’d like to prioritize.




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Corridor Improvement Map

Strategic Opportunities



Georgia Square Mall

As a commercial corridor, Atlanta Highway developed with few reserved areas for green space or parks. Compared with other areas in the county, the corridor’s development pattern is relatively homogenous and dominated by commercial or retail buildings and their supporting parking lots. As the area transitions from a single to multi-use district over time, it will be critical to find opportunities to integrate small and large green spaces along with connective multi-use trails to improve the area’s livability and quality of place.

Atlanta Highway is a purely commercial corridor. Its productivity and sustainability are linked to in-person shopping and retail. As brick and mortar retail competes against new shopping options online and in neighboring counties, the corridor is at a critical point that could see increased vacancies and lower shopping experience quality.

For the last several decades the Atlanta Highway corridor has been anchored by the Georgia Square Mall. With nearly 700,000 square feet of leasable space, the mall sits on a site roughly the size of downtown Athens. Despite the growth in the community and the regional market, the mall is struggling to adapt, not unlike many traditional malls around the country. Athens is the small county in the state of Georgia with very limited opportunities growth. The mall site offers a significant opportunity for redevelopment.

Short Term Work Projects

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