Lexington Road

The Process

Lexington Road and Atlanta Highway Corridors are viewed by many as serving a single purpose. While the roads are heavy traffic corridors, gateways to downtown, and the entrance to several businesses and neighborhoods, there is a chance for something moreā€”the opportunity to add lasting value to the entire community. Connect Athens is a unique opportunity to think creatively and act boldly to create lasting improvement strategies for the Lexington Road and Atlanta Highway Corridors.

The Corridor

The Lexington Road corridor extends from Barnett Shoals Road to Loys Farm Road and is the eastern gateway into Athens. The corridor also serves as the spine for the eastern neighborhoods of the community. The area includes several neighborhoods, shopping centers and the Ben Epps Airport. The corridor plan will explore conditions and trends related to economics and land use outside of the right-of-way and addressing overall mobility along the corridor. The plans recommendations will emerge from community conversations and critical evaluation of strategic opportunities.

A vision for the future of the corridor.

Please review the draft vision statement and let us know your reactions through form below.

With a development approach of refinement and good stewardship, the vision for Lexington Road is a visually attractive eastern gateway for Athens that provides: supportive surrounding neighborhoods, active amenities and green spaces, and a range of efficient choices for people’s safe movement.

lex vision
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Help shape the plan.

Please review the Lexington Road recommendations then share your priorities. The boards that were presented at the meeting can be viewed here. It may be best to open this file in a new tab to reference throughout the following exercise. Please check the boxes for ten actions that are most important to you. If there is an action that you feel is missing, you may add one at the bottom of each section.

How do we enhance mobility in the Lexington Road Corridor?


lex boards A

1. Construct the GDOT interchange improvement as currently designed.

2. Improve side streets to provide viable alternate routes that draw traffic away from Lexington Road.

3. Construct planned greenway segments from the 2016 Greenway Network Plan, which connect from Barnett Shoals Road to the Southeast Clarke Park.

4. Improve pedestrian crossings at the Loop Interchange, Gaines School Road, and Whit Davis Road.

5. Improve existing bus stops to include shelters, benches, and enhanced signage.

6. Maintain existing airport access to continue to serve current and future demand.

7. Add landscaping within the median or at key intersections to improve the look and feel of the corridor.

8. Improve the intersection with Gaines School Road and lower posted and effective travel speeds west of Gaines School Road.

How do we ensure commercial areas remain vibrant and viable despite shifts in the retail economy?


atl boards B

1. Develop a targeted Green Space Vision and Plan that involves private and public entities and identifies open space and bike trail opportunities.

2. Link strategies for improving and developing green space to broader community strategies and priorities.

3. Protect the undeveloped area on the western end of the corridor to serve as a border to town and preserve an entryway to ACC.

4. Activate open spaces by hosting a variety of cultural, social and community events, including seasonal activities such as fairs, festivals and concerts.

5. Establish a tree planting program.

6. Identify locations for "pocket" parks (small park spaces within an urban area) that take advantage of foot traffic and underutilized spaces.

How do we preserve Ben-Epps Airport as a long-term asset and opportunity?


lex boards C

1. Reassess the airport's strengths in a comprehensive document as recommended in the ULI study.

2. Initiate a study of new potential direct access points from Lexington to increase accessibility to the airport.

3. Leverage partnership with University of Georgia to develop more academic connections.

4. Execute a study of an airport fixed-base operator.

5. Continue renovations program to attract investment.

6. Continue to facilitate discussions to recruit potential passenger airline partnerships.

7. Investigate whether any remaining SPLOST funds can be used to improve airport signage.

8. Facilitate a discussion between an appropriate UGA departments(s) and drone startups to better understand disruptive technology and begin to identify leverage opportunities for Ben-Epps.

9. Develop a partnership between Clarke County School District and local flight schools to offer exposure to flight careers and opportunities.

How do we fully leverage and/or enhance our greenspaces?


lex boards D

1. Improve signage of Southeast Clarke Park for alternative modes of transportation and enhance park entrance(s) to attract pedestrians / cyclists.

2. Develop festival or concert series within the park to increase exposure and encourage community on the East side. Could be Shakespeare, art fair, or outdoor community festival, outdoor film series, for example.

3. Plant trees along corridor through neighborhood initiatives to beautify and encourage civic pride and stewardship.

4. Install bike racks throughout park to encourage alternative modes of transportation and use of park.

5. Connect all aspects of Southeast Clark Park through trails / park trails. Build up walking trail network to increase use of forested section and diversify uses of park space.

6. Improve signage and widen walking trails to encourage use of both sides and emphasize unity between the two spaces.

7. Connect sidewalks for pedestrian traffic by addressing intermittent gaps.

8. Construct shelter facility along corridor to host Farmer's Markets, art, performances, and other events.