Atlanta Highway



6:00-8:00 pm
Available Commercial Space
3970-B Atlanta Highway

During the Open House, you’ll get a chance to review each of the corridor plans, interact with the Planning Team, and think about your priorities within the short-term work program. The plans will be presented through a series of stations organized by the major topics of the plan. These include mobility, land use, economics and greenspace. Attend and help Connect Athens!

The Process

Lexington Road and Atlanta Highway Corridors are viewed by many as serving a single purpose. While the roads are heavy traffic corridors, gateways to downtown, and the entrance to several businesses and neighborhoods, there is a chance for something more—the opportunity to add lasting value to the entire community. Connect Athens is a unique opportunity to think creatively and act boldly to create lasting improvement strategies for the Lexington Road and Atlanta Highway Corridors.

The Corridor

The Atlanta Highway corridor extends from Business 78 Highway to Epps Bridge Road and is the western gateway into Athens. For decades, the corridor has served as the major retail spine for the community including regional destinations like the Athens Mall. Through the corridor plan the Planning Team will explore conditions and trends outside the right-of-way related to economics and land use while addressing overall mobility along the corridor. The plan’s recommendations will emerge from community conversations and critical evaluation of strategic opportunities.